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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The beautiful Uluru for sunrise and sunset

We got the chance to be at Uluru for sunrise and for sunset. I would say that I liked sunset better because of how beautiful it was. We were lucky enough to get there early enough to get front row center seats. We stood around for a while as people started to pile around to watch the sun set on the rock. Some people were become annoying, they started to try and take over the space even though we were there first. Colleen, Dan, Tifany, myself and a few others held down the fort. We started to take funny pictures. We took turns making our arms into hearts and placing them around the rock. We took pictures where it looked like we were holding up the rock. Shortly after it was time for dinner, which was delicious, we had a stir-fry. As the sun went down the rock went through a variety of colors. It was a beautiful array of colors from orange to red to purple. The sun set quickly, the sunset was beautiful; the skies were orange and yellow, and reddish. The clouds were in a spiral, it was really a sight to see. When we were at Uluru for sunrise it was alot of fun! It was cold out but it was worth it to see the beautiful sunrise lighting up the land. The sun rose very quickly, we had just enough time to take pictures and eat breakfast. It was the first time that i was able to try wheat bix( i think that is how it is spelled) It was rather bland but it was overall very good. It was funny to see everyone huddled together to get some warmth through our bodies. Some of us were spinning around and others were doing star jumps. It was a great day to see the sunrise at the rock.

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